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San Mateo, California , COVID and Snake Venom?

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

You might have seen Watch the Water. It made me question more the narrative being told. Here are some interesting things I have dug up. I am still researching Ebola. After the much anticipated Ebola blurb I will discuss the cross over treatment of COVID and snake venom poising...

I believe I searched the web with the terms Remdesivir Snake Venom.... I found a very interesting Public Health Policy & Planning from San Mateo County Health from 12/2/2020.... So crazy that almost a year later from the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic San Mateo county released this.

Download PDF • 256KB

I wanted to know more about Ophirex . Ophirex is consulted by Derrick Rossi, one of the founders of Moderna. Rossi ended his relationship with Moderna in 2014. Then I guess he jumped on the Ophirex train. Its like he knew snake bite technology would be greatly needed.

Creepy logo. I get its medicinal (next post explains this is not true ) and for snake bites. But it is also demonic. See the globe behind the snake bite????

Next Post : Hermes:One Snake vs Two Snakes .

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