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Remdesivir Rands

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

I am pro Rand Paul generally speaking . He is holding people accountable. But in these uncertain times it is hard to stand with a man. We must stand with God.

I have some questions regardless of my stance. Like why did Rand's wife buy stocks in Remdesivir ? Well, clearly to make more money but the timing of it and the drug company- Gilead Sciences Inc. Yes, like Hand Maids Tale Gilead. Also note the Bible talks of Gilead. The Biblical reference and implications will be mentioned in a later post.

  • Covid Pandemic Outbreak "started" December 2019 from Wuhan Lab Leak or so this is the current theory. The narrative is constantly changing.

  • Feburary 2020 Wife, Kelley Paul buys stocks in Remdesivir made by Gilead

I think it is odd that within 3 months of a pandemic the first of the modern medical era, the Rands think to buy Remdesivir.

What is also interesting to note is the company Gilead with the eerie name, is a American company. I had an incorrect owner prior edit.

Gilead just so happens to make these drugs as well. Strange 1 company has the market on everything that kills us.

  • HIV oral drugs- one example Truvada

  • Hepatitis medicine- one example Harvoni

  • Cancer medicine

  • Tamiflu pill form

Now lets look at the background of Remdesivir also known as GS-5734 and things get more interesting.

So we made this drug a decade ago for hepatitis C yet tried it on all these other viruses like Ebola.

Thanks for listening to this "coincidence." The next posts will be about Ebola, Remdesivir, HIV and Gilead in the Bible.

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