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Still gather data for Ebola. Go to the advocacy group and check the updates. Link below for video:

Hermes: One snake vs Two snakes and the Bible

In America the symbol for medicine was perhaps chosen incorrectly or chosen to promote the true motive? I actually learned about this...

San Mateo, California , COVID and Snake Venom?

You might have seen Watch the Water. It made me question more the narrative being told. Here are some interesting things I have dug up. I...

Clinton and Theranos.

Still looking for the Biden Theranos clip but in the meantime. Here is another big political connection.

Remdesivir the Tamiflu of COVID and Uyghurs?

Read the data for yourself from May 2020. This trial was funded by Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences which also got sanctioned by the...

Remdesivir Rands

I am pro Rand Paul generally speaking . He is holding people accountable. But in these uncertain times it is hard to stand with a man. We...

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